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A community led consultation was launched in May 2024. Register your views at N2CPZ.com
The next resident’s meeting, hosted by Grange Big Local, will take place on 21 May 2024.


Barnet Council ran a consultation in 2021 to determine whether there was support for a CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone) in the northern part of East Finchley, a large area bordered by Church Lane, High Road, North Circular Road and High Road, citing the following reported issues:

  • Commuter parking and access problems on the Thomas More estate, particularly during weekends
  • Parking issues in King Street, Church Lane, Elmfield Road, Long Lane and Creighton Avenue
  • A petition received from residents of Chandos Road requesting CPZ controls
  • Request for parking short term parking for people visiting shops and local businesses
  • Loading facilities requested to support the operations of local businesses
  • Displaced parking from the recently introduced or amended CPZs
  • Motorists parking at junctions causing safety issues for road users

The proposed CPZ would operate between the hours of 11am – 4pm Monday-Friday

East Finchley proposed northern CPZ extension shown in lilac

The Archer, East Finchley’s Community Newspaper, reported extensively on the progress of the proposal. See links to their publications below.

The Archer January 2022 page 1

The Archer January 2022 page 2

The results of Barnet’s Council’s consultation were not immediately released. However they have subsequently been revealed to be:
22% in favour, 71% against and 7% undecided.

Barnet Council engagement (now closed)

Despite this, the decision was made in September 2023 to go ahead with an “experimental CPZ”, which would be implemented in February 2024.

Barnet Council consultation decision report

The Archer December 2024 page 1

The Archer January 2024 page 4

The Archer January 2024 page 4

With the consultation results still not released, and the revelation that many households had not been consulted at all, resident Edward Butler started a petition requesting transparency from the council over the consultation:
Within weeks, East Finchley Councillor Arjun Mittra announced the scheme had been paused.

Reports from the meetings can be found here:

The Archer May 2024 page 1

The Archer May 2024 page 4

A new petition has been created by Susannah Hall, objecting to the second consultation on the grounds that the first consultation found a clear and large majority to be opposed to the implementation of a new CPZ zone.

A Facebook page East Finchley CPZ has been created to keep local residents up to date with developments.

A new community-led consultation is now underway. Sign up at N2CPZ.com.

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